Denmead Ward

Winchester City Council Elections – Denmead Ward

The Labour Party Candidate – David Picton-Jones

I am a retired Headteacher who lives locally. I was also a magistrate in both Fareham and Portsmouth for 24 years. I’m involved with charity work and I
know the area well.

I am keen to be elected to serve on our local council to promote the principles, values and beliefs of the Labour Party. Locally our communities
continue to suffer from the maladministration of the Pandemic crisis. This is exacerbated by years of austerity under the Tories which have left our local
structures denied proper support. The evidence is all around us. It includes:

  • The scandal of foodbanks which have to provide food for the poor including children in one of the most prosperous areas of the nation
  • The lack of proper local transport for the 50% of the population without access to a private car
  • The focus on allowing developers to build housing which affords them the greatest profit rather than seeking to provide homes for everyone

Of course these and the other problems can only be successfully addressed within a national context. Therefore a vote for Labour in Meon Valley can help to secure a national mood that the government is not addressing the real needs of people.

Vote for the Labour Party candidate – David Picton-Jones