National Policy Forum Annual Report 2021

National Policy Forum Annual Report 2021

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has meant that the work of the NPF in 2020 and 2021 has predominantly taken place online, from Policy Commission meetings to member e-roundtable events. The National Policy Forum Annual Report 2021 lays out this work in detail.

In late 2020, the work of the NPF was written up into eight interim reports, one per policy commission. These contained a set of principles for each policy commission, and we invited members, affiliates and stakeholders to send in their comments on these principles.

Policy Commission Annual Reports

The updated principles are outlined in this report, alongside the issues the policy commissions have discussed and the findings from the NPF 2021 Consultation.

These principles and issues do not cover every policy issue, nor detail specific policies; rather, they form a starting point for a wider conversation on how we can make Britain the best place to grow up, grow old and live in. The NPF will continue to build upon this work over the course of the policy making cycle as we work towards the next General Election.