Prevent more cuts to vital Children’s Social care in Hampshire

Children's Social Care
Children's Social Care

Hampshire County Council is proposing cuts of £7.7 million from Children’s Social Care

Children's Social Care

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Hampshire County council is proposing cuts of £7.7 million from Children’s Social Care. This will negatively and disproportionately affect disabled children and their families who are already struggling from a lack of support.

All local authorities have a duty to provide certain services to disabled children, such as practical assistance in the home (helping to care for the disabled child), leisure facilities (providing outings or day centre placements meaning disabled children can enjoy activities and care outside the home), home adaptations and disabled facilities (hoists, handrails, safe beds), respite and short breaks.

The proposed cuts are said to ensure the “County Council continues to provide a safe and effective social care system for children; maintaining high quality educational services for Hampshire’s children and young people…”. The parents of disabled children in Hampshire refute the above statement, on the grounds that the county currently fails to fulfill their responsibilities of caring for Hampshire’s disabled children. Examples of this include refusing to perform needs assessment, denying practical assistance to families who satisfy criteria, and declining respite to families in need.

Families of disabled children in Hampshire are fed up with constantly fighting for everything they are legally entitled to. They are exhausted and need your help.

The proposals are due to be considered by the County Council’s Cabinet and full Council at their respective meetings on 12 October and 4 November 2021.