St Paul Ward

Winchester City Council Elections – St Paul Ward

The Labour Party Candidate – Peter Rees

Having been a Labour Party member for 50 years and a Councillor in Islington and Winchester for a total of 10 years, I am very proud to represent St. Paul Ward in the election.

The two-party City Council needs to be held to account. We need a Labour voice to constructively challenge during decision making processes. That I will do. In the post-pandemic Covid world, we must work better together to rebuild the economy, addressing the serious issues caused by the public health catastrophe. Winchester city needs an improved overall movement plan. Stronger incentives need to be offered to entrepreneurs and businesses. Major schemes that failed to materialise need to be resurrected and completed. City and County councils working with the NHS need more effective and efficient co-ordination to address the social care dis-connect.

I support the Leader of the Labour Party Sir Keir Starmer. I will diligently and conscientiously represent all constituents, proposing and ensuring agreed democratic policies are implemented to improve local society.

Peter Rees’ Poster

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